New AP Ms. Cook stirs it up

Ms. Cook in her new office. Photo by: Megan Howell
Ms. Cook in her new office. Photo by: Megan Howell

Walking though the halls, students can recognize an administrator from a mile away, even if they don’t know their name. A new face will now appear when students are walking though the halls. Ms. Ann Cook has joined the administration team in place of Ms. Amy Sirizzotti, who was promoted to a position at Central Office. High school will be a change in pace for Ms. Cook, who has spent the last five and a half years at Eisenhower Middle school.

“I’m really excited to be here,” Ms. Cook said. “Middle school kids don’t handle their business as cleanly and efficiently as high school kids. It’s nice to have an adult conversation.”

Before coming to North East school district, Ms. Cook started her education path earning her degree outside of Texas.

“[I was] born and raised in Dallas, [but] went to school to play basketball on scholarship up in Missouri,” Ms. Cook said.

After coaching and teaching for 11 years in Austin, Ms. Cook decided to make a change, and moved down to San Antonio.

“[I] came down to San Antonio and was a teacher and coach at Marshall High School for 11 years,” Ms. Cook said. “When I got my Master’s from Trinity, I was lucky enough to get hired at North East.”

The attitudes of the students in high school is just one of the many things Ms. Cook is excited about with her return.

“I’ve really missed the athletics,” Ms. Cook said. “I’ve really missed all the kids [participating] in ROTC, all those things. That’s what I think makes high school really special, the participation.”

The message Ms. Cook has for students is simple.

“I’m here to help,” Ms. Cook said. “I’m really excited to be here [and to be] a Brahma.”

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