PALs battle bullying with bracelets

This week the PALs organized a bully awareness poster for anyone to sign and pledge to stand up against bullying, in return they received a blue or teal wrist band that read; “YOU HAVE A VOICE”.

Sponsor Mrs. Montemayor helped the PALs set up the activity during all lunches on Wednesday Feb. 25.

“We set up a poster, and sign a pledge, and received a purple wristband,” Mrs. Montemayor said

As part of the No Place for Hate campaign, the PALs will create many more ideas in April to detour students from bullying others.

“In order to be a no place for hate school you have to do several activities throughout the year and this was one of them,” Mrs. Montemayor said.

The wristbands symbolize the importance of standing up for bullying and being an anti-bully. IMG_8890


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