Top 7 r/NoSleep Stories

NoSleep is subreddit on the networking site by the name of Reddit. In this sub, you’re able to read original horror stories by all kinds of people and interact with the OP, (Original Poster).

These next NoSleep stories are all rated PG-13 and up.

  1. “I had a great D&D group going at my local game store. But one by one people stopped showing up.” -Nota_dj

This story was picked for its easiness to read and engaging story line. The story itself is interesting and takes you deeply into the story by the first few lines. Kidnapping, mystery, and gore are included in this intense piece which lets you have sense of entitlement while reading.

  1. “I am an ex-assassin. A man just asked me to kill his 16 year old son.” -gunner12

When I read this I was definitely getting chills. The way he wrote every paragraph set you up like a movie sets you up for a jump scare. This story is still going on, like most posts do, and includes 3 parts (updates) as of now. This story is much like a drama, like one of those CSI crime shows you might watch at 2am. Keeping updated with different stories are great, and I highly recommend to do that with this one.

  1. “My Sister Went Missing At My Grandmothers” -imnotcrazy_

Like the story above, this is centered around a part-to-part storyline, keeping you out of breath at all times. This story is eerie and uncomfortable, yet ever forlorning and interesting at the same time. The title is pretty self explanatory, like most posts, and should be thought of as a good hint into the story itself.

4.”My cousin stopped sleeping when he was thirteen. He hasn’t slept in over fifteen years now.” -petulantpterodactyl

This story is a lot like a drama you might find on TNT without the annoying banter and weird dun-dun-dunnn music. This is a part-to-part story and has to do with a kid coming home from “school” way later than he usually does. With that in mind, it’s perfectly executed and has a lot of depth to it so far.

Picture from
Picture from

5.”My mother keeps calling me on Skype.” -Little.Jiminy

The title of this piece is much like the ones where it has no depth and a small bit of ignorance in the writing. But I would have to say the opposite for this story. This is not, as of now, an on going story. But it does in fact have interactive accessories and a nice twist. The comments on every nosleep story gives you the ability to form theorems and hypothesize about the piece. On this one, it enhances the experience and keeps you wondering off the cliff hanger the author leaves for you.

6. ”My Life With Synesthesia – The First Instance” -survivalprocedure

The difference in this story isn’t to scare, but to make aware. Synesthesia is the condition in which one experiences “joined perceptions.” With this man, he is able to see colors when listening to music. This is more of a very interesting and intriguing piece about his experiences with the ability. It is on going, but in different stories every chapter.

  1. “Someone’s been leaving creepy notes on my youtube videos, and now I’m being stalked.” -crackwhoresmodels

Being stalked is definitely creepy. With this story you get to feel incredibly uncomfortable along with the author while the experiences are unfolding in the story. This piece is a lot like “There’s this girl I know and I want to tell everyone about her” -hawt-potato. The same in the way that they both include stalking. This is unlike the rest in the way that you can actually relate to it, since everyone is all so familiar with Youtube. It’s a good story, with a great twist, and should definitely be given a try.

Those are all 7 NoSleep stories. Check them out if you want to get sp00ked.

(Special thanks to Reddit… Obviously.)


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