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During the four years of high school, students have to balance friends, relationships, extra curricular activities, and even a job for some. With all of these tasks, it seems impossible to graduate with an average above 100. Those who do get the honor to be a Summa get to the chance to celebrate this high honor Thursday, March, 5.

“It is basically a reception and a ceremony for the summa graduates,” senior Austin Moore said, “Each graduate gets to honor a special educator that they find suitable to honor during the ceremony.”

Being a Summa is a great goal to try to meet while in high school. It helps prepare students for college and life right out of  high school.

“I think it is important to at least try, I mean you are supposed to try at school as best as you can. If you get to be a summa you know you have done well,” senior Nicole Vaynberg said.

The invitation for Summa award ceremony. Photo by Vanessa Ramirez
The invitation for Summa award ceremony. Photo by Vanessa Ramirez

In the ceremony students get to thank their teacher that made a big impact in their lives.

“I chose my eighth grade science teacher Mrs. Sadler because she really broke the mode for mandated class work,” Moore said, “[She] helped me carve my career path into the science field.”

High school can be very stressful, so letting the Summa’s relax from all of the hard work they have done for four years is a night that is well earned.

“I like the recognition for all the hard work,” Vaynberg said, “It is nice to know that they see us working hard and recognize us.”

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