JV Dance Wins Nationals

The JV Dance team after winning nationals in Orlando, Fl.  Photo by Dance Coach Stephanie Exum
The JV Dance team after winning nationals in Orlando, Fla.
Photo by Dance Coach Stephanie Exum

After a fierce competition, the JV Dance Team won first place in Nationals for their pom routine, which took place in Orlando, Fla. from March 6-8.

“We were all surprised because we weren’t expecting to win at all,” senior Lawrence Acosta said. “We went into Nationals fourth place out of four teams and in finals we ended up in first and no one was expecting us to get it and it was kind of amazing. It just caught us all by surprise.”

The team won with 8.589 points, placing them just above the competition for victory.

“The constant practices and our captain always tells us to be sharp and always encourages us. We all, as a team, work hard and encourage each other and, even during the performance, we would say things to keep each other up,” junior Corine Kuhlman said.

After the competition was over, the team enjoyed some of the attractions in Orlando.

“We went to Universal Studios, and I remember we rode on The Rocket and there was music playing,” Acosta said. “Me and one other girl were in the front and we were just dancing while we were just going down these giant hills, and I thought that was fun that we were just able to mess around and just have fun with each other as a team other than just focus on the competition.”



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