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UIL trophies 2015
Orchestra 2015 UIL trophies. Photo by: Dr. Garverick


With March being a pinnacle month for UIL, the success all three orchestras achieved at their competitions is not something to be overlooked. Their scores across the board allowed them to come out with sweepstakes, the highest honor.

“Sweepstakes is just the name they give to getting straight ones,” senior Samantha Ayala said. “[My] orchestra has been getting sweepstakes since I was in 6th grade. So [I’ve] got sweepstakes all the way to now.”

The scores earned mean so much more when they validate all the work that has been put in to the music.

“It’s really rewarding [since] we’ve been working on this music for at least 3 months, and we put in a lot of hours in so it’s great getting recognized for our efforts and all we’ve done,” freshman Jakob Fenton said. “I’ve never gotten straight ones like we have this year.”

Three judges scored the orchestra in two different events along with different, five being the lowest score, and one being the best.

“Everyone’s very excited with Dr. Garverick who worked really hard to get sweepstakes. She did a fantastic job with the orchestras,” freshman Calvin Carroll said. “We learned what we could do to have success in the future, and that’s how we felt getting sweepstakes and we were really excited.”

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