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Men's Varsity choir performing alongside the mixed choir. Photo by: Cassandra Chapa
Men’s Varsity choir performing alongside the mixed choir. Photo by: Cassandra Chapa

The Varsity’s Men choir performed Wednesday April 8 at Alamo Heights High School, getting sweepstakes in both stage performance and sight reading, while the Mixed Choir performed Friday April 10 at Madison High School and got all ones in sight reading.

“I feel super good about getting sweepstakes for varsity men because the last time that that group has gotten it at Mac was my freshman year, so it was just really cool to come to a full circle to get it my first year and then my last year.” Senior Chris Hale said. “All of the work I put in and all of the times where I would miss out on a couple hours of sleep just to make sure I got that measure 55 right or whatever I was working on, just meant that it was worth it and it’s just cool.”

The Men’s Varsity Choir performed three songs, “What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor”, “Hodie Christus Natus Est”, and “At the River”.

“I’m a section leader for the baritones so each section leader has their co-section leader which is usually an underclassman, which you just kinda pass it down to them and they’re gonna kick butt next year.” Hale said. “I’m just really proud of them.”

The men’s choir had three months to prepare the three songs, along with practicing sight reading, where a never before seen piece must be sung in one

“One’s a pirate song, the other one’s the same latin song you’ve been singing since elementary school, and the other one is a song about heaven basically.” Junior Logan Edwards said. “[I feel] good [about getting sweepstakes] because there’s nothing really after UIL so it’s almost validation for the three months of insanity that you had to put into to go get sweepstakes.”

The mixed choir performed “Hark, I hear the harps eternal”, “This shall be for music”, and “Hark, the fanfare sounding”.

“My choir got straight one’s in sight reading and we got 2-2-1 on stage, so we were one point away from getting sweepstakes.” Senior Ana Leal said. “We did really good too, so I was really proud.”


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