Girls play football too

Come support the girls at powderpuff. Photo by: Stephanie Smith
Come support the girls at powderpuff. Photo by: Stephanie Smith


Football is always assumed as just a boys’ game but powderpuff is the one chance where girls can show off their inner football skills.

Powderpuff is an exciting tradition where junior girls play against senior girls in a game of flag football.

“Oh yeah [I’m] very excited [to play flag football against the senior girls], it’s one of those things that everyone gets hyped about, so I’m super [stoked to play],” junior Mary Cardone said.

One thing that makes powderpuff an entertaining game is that senior varsity players coach the senior girls, while junior players coach the junior girls.

“No, not all of the football players get to coach, but some of [us] do and I’m pretty excited [I’m one of the football players to] coach the girls,” senior Davionne Vasquez said. “I think its fun seeing girls play football and being able to coach them and [also seeing] who’s good and who [needs a little more help], [this way] they can kind of [see what its like to be] in our shoes.”

Many girls would tend to shy away at the thought of playing football, but some actually see powderpuff as an experience worth taking on in order to learn what it’s like in the life of a football player.

“I joined the team because I thought it would be a great experience and opportunity to learn something I would never learn otherwise,” senior Ashley Johnson said.

Each coach has a skill or position they are most looking forward to teach the girls, whether it be defense, offense, wide receiver, cornerback, outside linebacker, middle line backer, quarterback, fullback/running back, or halfback/running back.

“The girls are really cool and fun to work with, [it’s more fun getting] to teach them everything cause they don’t really know much, so [we kind of] have to start from the basics,” senior Nikolas Tesalona said. “[I’m excited to teach] defense, cause you can [use aggression to help] on defense.”

Many student have their opinions on whether or not the juniors will beat the seniors or if the seniors will beat the juniors.

“The game this year will be a close call, I think the juniors can give us a run for our money but I believe the seniors will pull through for their last victory as brahmas,” Johnson said.

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