Stepping up to the next level

Senior Gabrielle Short signed with Coastal Bend College to play basketball on Tuesday, April 21, surrounded by her team mates and friends.

“I feel pretty excited that I am going off to college.” Gabrielle said.

To make this happen Gabrielle went to one of the tryouts at Coastal Bend college. The next day the school gave her a call and told her to come back.

” I was nervous, excited, and freaked out.” Gabrielle said.

For a student to get this far, it means a lot to not only that student, but also the coaches who have helped mold them into the players they are today. They had a lot to say about this opportunity for one of their students.

“[It] feels great that Gabby gets [this] opportunity,” girls junior varsity basketball Coach Jamie Grams said. “I think its a once in a life time opportunity and I’m glad it’s Gabby.”

Gabby has had a long season, but the coaches believe that she has potential.

” I think Gabby is very tenatious and a competitive individual,” Coach Grams said.

Gabrielle has been playing basketball since freshman year. When she was a freshman she also knew that she wanted to play college basketball, and has surrounded herself with people that can help her achieve these goals.

“Gabrielle had a great support around her [with her] teachers, coaches, and teammates,” girls varsity basketball coach Jessica Meador said. “No one gave up on her, even when she wanted to stop.”

With this new challenge coming up next year, Gabrielle will have to step up to the plate. She has some advice for athletes and students before she closes this chapter of her life.

“Work hard and to do all your class work and pass your [classes]” Gabrielle said. “Get in there and play. Do stuff that motivates you to get you to that next level.”

Gabrielle after the signing with her basketball teammates

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