Study tips for the AP exam

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AP exams are next week and here are some tricks to get a better score.

Don’t Cram, Start Preparing Early: Earlier is better when it comes to studying for AP exams. Don’t let them sneak up on you, and don’t underestimate the time that goes into earning a good score. Start planning out a study plan now, and decide which materials you will cover on which days and for how long. By preparing early, you can make note of any problems or concepts you may find confusing and you will have time to sit down with a teacher, tutor, or your classmates to get your questions answered ahead of time.

Study in Groups: Some students prefer to study alone, but AP exams are a tough challenge to face alone. Organize study sessions with classmates to talk about material, quiz one another, and outline ideas and responses for possible essay questions. Start with a weekly study group, and as the AP exams approach, meet multiple times a week to review notes and provide support.

Stay Calm: Stressing out about exams will not help you achieve your goal score. Instead of becoming anxious, relax, breathe, and stay focused on your plan. The more organized you are, the less you will have to be anxious about, so avoid those pre-exam jitters by taking each day at a time.

Meet With Your Teachers:  Your AP class teachers are excellent resources for study material, practice tests, and exam tips. When you begin to organize your course materials, look through the information and make a list of questions or topics. Ask the teacher of your AP class to hold a special study session where you and your class  mates can work through any difficult material.

AP exams are an excellent opportunity to showcase your knowledge and academic drive to teachers and colleges. Instead of stressing out about the process, start studying now so you can achieve your goal score. There is so many ways to  get the help you need.

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