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May brings more than just the end of the school year and the beginning of summer for students. It also brings along the release of the infamous Austin City Limits Music festival concert list for October. This annual concert is an event that many across the state look forward to, and the release of the list lets people know just how epic it is going to be.

The line up for this years concert is a dream line up, in my opinion. Groups and individuals like Of Monsters and Men, Florence and the Machine, Alt J, the Weekend, Hozier and Drake are all going to be present at this years festival. A concert for one of these groups alone would be amazing, but having them all at the same festival is just unreal. Being a fan of most of these groups, and respecting the rests musical ability has made it a must for me to return to this years festival.

Poster for this year's festival. Photo provided by:
Poster for this year’s festival. Photo provided by:

What makes this festival so special is the fact that they bring in a variety of different artists from different styles of music to attract a wide variety of listeners. Being able to catch Florence and the Machine and Drake at the same concert is great for those who are fans of both music genres. The tickets, which are now on sale, are around $230 for a three day pass, which seems steep to some, but in my mind that is way cheeper then having to pay for individual tickets to all the artists that are available.

Having been last year, I didn’t think it could get any better. Seeing the line up alone for this year has my expectations sky high. I’m excited to secure my ticket and see all these amazing artists in action, showing off their talents.

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