The Pop Show of Destinations

Pop Show is an annual choir event in which choir classes perform different well known and trending songs that fit a theme, this year’s being ‘Destinations’. This year it was performed on May 21 and 22 in the Brady Memorial Auditorium.

Jessica Brooks performs in ‘Pompeii’ during Friday night’s performance of Pop Show. Photo by Julia Rash

“It feels great, I [loved] having a solo,” junior Jessica Brooks said. “It [made] my mom proud.”

Brooks performed a solo in Pompeii, where both the Cantate and Camerata choirs participated.

“It’s a great experience for the audience to enjoy,” Brooks said. “My favorite part is the pre-pop show dance party and then the collaboration at the end with all the choirs joining in running into together, that’s fun.

Besides Pompeii, songs like Surfin’ in the USA, These Boots Are Made for Walking, and Sweet Home Alabama were performed, and the audience got to explore different destinations through the songs.

“I love how everyone is so energetic and everyone just has so much fun with it,” freshman Alex McBride said. “I also like to hear different individual singing because then you get to see a different side of them.”

Both nights featured different sets of songs, including a performance of Uptown Funk on Friday night by senior choir members.

Seniors Lilian Bryne, Gianna Parrilla, Casey Holloway-Harris, Ana Leal, and Savannah Cothron perform Uptown Funk. Photo by Julia Rash.

The costumes and dancing put together helped not only the audience get into the performances, but made it enjoyable for the students participating.

“The dancing and the very end [were my favorite parts].” junior Raven Martinez said.

The finale was a performance where members of the audience were gathered onto the stage to dance as an interactive and fun ending to the night to the song Life is a Highway.

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