Top 7 things you should stop doing in the hall

We’re all aware of those slightly annoying habits people do in the hallway; you know them all. Dealing with big bags and oblivious people in the hallways is really frustrating. So instead of ranting to that girl you just met 3 minutes ago, here’s a list of everything you feel the upmost empathy for while making your rounds in the hall. 

1) Stop making out in the corners by the stairwell.

Everyone can still see you…just so you know.

2) If you’re walking, but not really walking, pull over.

Slowly walking in the middle of the hall when the 2 minute bell rings really puts a damper on how fast everyone else is able to walk.

3) If you’re walking in a group of 3 or more people, whip out those fantastic kindergarten skills and hold hands in a straight line.

Walking in a group is great, but there are pretty much two lanes in the hallway. Please pick one and let others pass.

Julia Rash (11). Photo taken by Cat Hittson.
Julia Rash (11). Photo taken by Cat Hittson.

4) It definitely isn’t necessary for you to stop in the middle of the hallway and talk to that teacher you had two years ago.

Reminiscing in the turmoil of your algebra 1 class is all fun and jokes- until you cause a three person pile up in the middle of the hall.

5)Pleaseeee at least try to avoid people in the hallway.

The least you could do is hope to avoid someone in the hallway; it’s not like you’re some sort of oracle and know there’s no other way of getting through the hall other than pushing your way through.

6) Don’t pull your friend over from across the hall just to show them this weird pencil you bought last period from a guy named Greg.

You’d be surprised how many people can trip over themselves just to get by you.

7) Please be aware of how big your backpack is.

If you know your backpack is incredibly big, it’d be best if you could remember that before turning around and smacking those 4 people behind you.

With every high school there will be annoying habits. But we’re all a part of the same class, community, and general spirit. Remember to stay polite, people like people who are polite.



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