Strings’ Performance – Orchestra Concert

Junior Vasity Sinfonia performing “The Texians” Photo by Leslie Frost.

For their first concert of the year, the Freshman Sinfonietta, Junior Varsity Sinfonia, and Varsity Symphony Strings all performed on Tuesday, Oct. 6 in the Brady Memorial Auditorium.

“I used to feel really nervous during concerts because sometimes I felt [unprepared] and too overwhelmed to play comfortably and confidently,” senior Chelsea Theriot said. “Now I’ve noticed that the more you indulged into your music beforehand, the stronger you come out walking onto that stage.”

Not only do students get a chance to perform classic pieces, there are also occult pieces chosen to make the set list as smooth and memorable as can be.

“I think what I’ve always liked about concerts is how each piece is somewhat chosen as a whole,” Theriot said. “It provides us opportunities to explore different areas of music.”

The orchestras performed nine songs, including “Cello Song” by M.L. Daniels, “Intermezzo”by Mendelssohn/Monday, and “The Texians” by Nunez.

“[Orchestra concerts] make me feel excited to be up on stage and play in front of a lot of people,” junior Hailey Dienglewicz said. “[We] practiced so hard on this and Dr. Garverick [tried] to get it perfect.”

The orchestra prepared for the concert by not only rehearsing in class, but also having morning rehearsals and students spending time outside of class practicing.

“[Orchestra concerts] make me enjoy more classical music because on the radio you hear rock [and] you hear rapping but this is just peaceful and lets you relax,” freshman Justin Trevino said. “Performing makes me feel good because I like to hear the music I can play and it relieves stress; everything just comes out of you.”

The orchestra’s next performance is their Hauntcert, a special Halloween concert that will be held at Garner Middle School on Oct. 23 and 24.

“The concert for Halloween is going to be really fun,” Dienglewicz said. “It’s gonna be nice to see my friends and enjoy some spooky songs.”

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