Senior late arrival activities

Late arrival: a privilege for seniors only while are fellow sophomore and junior friends take the dreaded PSAT. This day can bring five hours of fun before the 12 pm bell for future graduates.

1. Sleep in.napping-in-the-sunlight

A vital necessity to those who stay up to late and ponder about the future day. On average most teens get about 6-9 hours of shut eye, a couple more hours shouldn’t hurt.  

2.Grab a bite to eat with some friends.

Whether it be from Canes, Taco Garage, and the Whataburger down the street from MacArthur there are endless possibilities to delve into and feed our large appetites.

3. Wake up and finish homework.homework

Why not cram last minute and complete those past due assignments us seniors tend to never get around too.

4. Fill out college applications.6494884433_7ee0f458e8_m

Senior duties are calling and why not get a head start on the next chapter in our lives.

5. Go to the Y/ Lifetime.9672676111_e24071402d_m

For those of us who see physical fitness as a must, get that daily grind in.

6. Camp out at the local taco shop.

For those in need of a bean and cheese overload and the usual sweet tea why not hang with some friends and grub.

7. Catch up on Orange Is The New Black and Grey’s Anatomy.6142030807_b401419b0b_m

Netflix will always be your best friend, snuggle up with your favorite pillow and spend the next 5 hours binging on reality tv shows that just make everything so much better than reality.



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