Grilling Up Two New Seasons

Fox has confirmed that their Emmy winning show Bob’s Burgers is getting renewed for a 7th and 8th season. Just to say, I couldn’t be more relieved. When I first found Bob’s Burgers on Netflix, I didn’t think I would love it the way I do now. The show caught my attention fairly quickly and, after finishing the first episode, I was hungry for more. The writing is hilarious, the voice acting is great, and the close relationship the Belcher’s share gives the show depth. Everything about Bob’s Burgers works, giving the show its own particular charm that a lot of shows don’t have anymore. 

The Belcher family- FOX
The Belcher family. Photo by

With Louise’s schemes, Tina’s relatable personality, Gene’s musical numbers, Linda’s energy, and Bob’s love for his family, the show is given it’s uncommon grace. A lot of the side characters also make the show special, with each of them having their own unique attributes and stories. The animation for the show also fits perfectly because of it’s simplicity. The show does a great job of being different and not just following whatever is popular but still managing to be funny, current and relatable.  I mostly love everything about Bob’s Burgers and I really think the show deserves these next two seasons. I’m totally pumped to be served whatever the Belcher family has cooking.



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