Senior Reminder

October is here, and while most people are caught up in Halloween and events at school like Mactober Fest, seniors still have to keep a lot in mind these upcoming weeks as graduation draws closer.

Here are some important upcoming dates:

Oct. 21: Senior Panoramic Picture

Oct. 24: ACT

Nov. 1: Early Admissions Deadline

Nov. 4: College Night

Nov. 7: SAT

Nov. 12: ASVAB

Dec. 5: SAT

Dec. 12: ACT

If you have any college applications due by Nov. 1, make sure to get them done and sent in as soon as possible, especially if you need to ask teachers to write a recommendation letter for you or if you need to complete an essay.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 3.49.29 PM
Senior’s tab on the MacArthur website Photo by: Julia Rash

If you need help, the Mac site has an abundance of information under the seniors tab. It’s full of scholarship opportunities and counselors’ contact information. You can also go down to the counselor’s office to talk directly to your counselor or go to the College and Career Center to talk to Ms. Vogel.

Also, if you still haven’t paid your senior dues, the price is now $40. Make sure to get those paid so you can participate in end of the year events.

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