The New and Improved Bathroom Pass

Change in  the pass from old to new
Change in the pass from old to new. Photo by: Janelle Garcia

For sanitary purposes, student bathroom passes changed on Oct. 12 after the staff and student body finalized the decision on Oct. 10.

The new passes are attached to a lanyard for students to wrap around their necks. Passes are also color coded based on floor levels and other buildings, making it easier for teachers notice if a student is in the wrong location.

“We figured if we color coded things that we might be able to a organize things a little bit better,” AP Ms. Skok said.

D- Wing poster color coordination
D- Wing poster color coordination. Photo by: Janelle Garcia

The new passes are smaller in size compared to the older version, making it convenient for students to carry around during bathroom breaks, and unlikely to be left behind.

“The new passes are a huge improvement,” sophomore Vanessa Cenoz said. “There is a smaller chance of it being forgotten somewhere.”

Sanitation standards have improved since the passes don’t need to be placed on top of urinals, napkin dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, or near the sink where it gets soaked with water.

“[The new bathroom passes] are really helpful for the school,” freshman JEWELL’S Lozano said. “[They are] also more clean [since] they are hands free and help with germs.”

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