The Force has Awakened the World

May the force be with everyone in wake of all the extreme hype for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The most anticipated movie of this year, coming to theaters on Dec. 18, has had a huge international impact and it hasn’t even been released yet.


One of the awesome Star Wars The Force Awakens posters. Photo by


On Monday, Oct. 19, the final trailer for the movie premiered during halftime of a football game, and millions of Star Wars fans tuned in. Not long after it was shown on television, the trailer was all over the internet from YouTube, where it currently has about 18 million views, to Facebook where it has about 9.7 million currently.

Disney had also released a statement earlier on Monday, Oct. 19, tickets would go on sale when the trailer premiered and fans broke the internet scrambling to get them, literally. Many sites like Fandango, AMC and Regal selling the tickets crashed from all the sudden traffic.

Gamers, whether they are Star Wars fans or not, received an awesome beta for Star Wars: Battlefront. According to EA, over nine million people played the beta, making it the largest in EA history. The game will released on Nov. 17.

The Force Awakens is set to hit theaters on Dec. 18.

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