Finding Their Way High Up In Orienteering

JROTC competed in orienteering at Camp Bullis on Saturday, Oct. 17. The varsity girls won but the boys did not place.

Looking for their next location
Orienteering students looking for their next location. Photo from

“I think we did pretty good,” sophomore Keyanna Davney said.  “We tried our hardest.”

This was the first orienteering competition for both boy and girl JROTC.  The girls are feeling confident in the next competition.

“We know what to do now,” Davney said. “So I think we will do well.”

Even with the loss, the boys do not let it dampen their spirits.

“I think we will do a lot better, my Sergeant Major talked to me and said we’re gonna try to keep the same teams,” senior David Marsh said.  “We can still work with the same people and get used to each other and get a lot better at it.”

The hardest part of orienteering can be running and finding the locations but one thing stands out.

“To me the hardest part in orienteering is everyone to get agree with each other,” Marsh said.

There are several different features about orienteering that people really enjoy. Running, working together and getting points are one of the many.

“My favorite thing about orienteering is running around and getting to see the deer,” Davney said.

Whether winning or losing, the JROTC students agree that just getting to participate in the competition is great.

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