Frankly Speaking: DC vs Marvel Movies and Shows

Comic book heroes have been on our TV and movie screens for years now, but recently they have been getting bigger and better. The two biggest companies, DC Comics and Marvel Comics both have successful shows and movies, but each seem to be making one their specialty with DC going more towardsTV while Marvel goes for mastering movies.

Poster of the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie.  Photo by
Poster of the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie.
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Starting off with the big screen, both DC and Marvel have been doing well recently with their blockbuster movies. Marvel, however, is winning the battle of the silver screen. The big reason for this is just the sheer number of Marvel movies that have been produced in the last decade or so. Especially once Marvel started their three phase plan in 2008, beginning with the first Iron Man movie. They have been releasing two movies almost every year since, building up the story of the Avengers in Phase One, continuing to build the stories of the individual Avengers member such as Thor and introducing some of Marvel’s other less known characters and teams such as the Guardians of the Galaxy in Phase Two, and then finally really going into the much darker part of the Avengers’ storyline with Captain America: Civil War and the Infinity War in Phase Three. DC has only a few recent movies, being the Dark Knight Trilogy and Superman: Man of Steel. Another reason that Marvel is winning in the movies is their movies are all interconnected into one universe (minus any properties owned by Fox or Sony). This really adds to the quality of their movies, making them even better through easter eggs and appearances of characters from different stories. With DC‘s films, they haven’t started to connect them together just yet, although once the Justice League movie comes out, they may make one unified DC  universe.

The intro to the DC show, Arrow. Photo by
The intro to the DC show, Arrow.
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Now the roles reverse when it comes toTV shows, as DC comes out on top of Marvel. DC has more live-action shows out now with a better quality than what Marvel has at the moment. At the moment, DC has Smallville, which follows the story of young Clark Kent as he starts to become Superman (even though it ended in 2011, it still counts), Arrow, which is the story of Oliver Queen when he becomes the Green Arrow, The Flash, following the story of Barry Allen when he becomes the Flash, and Gotham, which doesn’t actually follow Bruce Wayne as the true main character but actually Jim Gordon before he becomes the commissioner of the Gotham Police Department. There are two more DC shows that come out in the near future, being Supergirl, and The Atom. All of these have that interconnectedness that really helps make all the shows so much better as a whole. As for Marvel, they currently have a couple shows running on a tv network, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Agent Carter, with Daredevil being a Netflix exclusive. While these shows are good, they aren’t quite as good as the shows that DC has out there.

In all, both Marvel and DC are doing incredibly well with their movies and shows. Marvel does really well with movies, while DC excels at tv shows. And they will only get better, giving us more amazing comic book based media to look forward to.

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