Great Scott! T-Shirts Help Fight ALS

The swim team held a fundraiser last week, selling t-shirts to benefit former student Kyron Scott who is battling ALS.

“Beginning last year, all the Aquatics teams in the district were asked if they would be interested in giving back to our campus or community through the selling of t-shirts for our District Dual in the Pool competition,” aquatics coach Kirk said. ” This year, we decided to to give closer to home and several of our seniors, as well as myself, knew Kyron Scott had been diagnosed with ALS.”


Kyron Scott and Mr. Rob Shapiro
Kyron Scott and Mr. Rob Shapiro

Scott had been diagnosed with ALS his senior year (2014-2015). Knowing that a former student is facing the disease, the swim team knew what they wanted to raise money for.

“I feel like we are really doing a good thing for him,” swimmer, sophomore Joshua Hightower said. “It shows we really are all one family and we really support and care about each other.”

ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a disease that degenerates nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Last summer a trend called the Ice Bucket Challenge went around to raise money for research.

“I didn’t really know him, but I heard he was funny and nice, and I’m glad we’re helping him,” swimmer, sophomore Sarah Veltri said. “ALS takes a lot of money for medical bills so I’m really glad we could take away some of the stress that comes with.”

According to the average cost of medical bills for people with ALS is $31,121.

“I think the fundraiser for Kyron speaks volumes about this team and our school. Last year was a struggle to raise money for multiple sclerosis because we didn’t ‘have a face’ to truly understand or see what our money was going to,” coach Kirk said. “This year, with kids and staff knowing Kyron, it helped tremendously, because he is one of our own. This year the fundraiser was more personal for everyone. The overall support for Kyron was truly humbling and rewarding knowing we were giving back to Mac.”

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