No Need For Umbrellas: APES Field Trip Rescheduled

Because of rain and flooding, the APES field trip to Schulse Ranch on Monday, Nov. 2, was rescheduled to Dec. 4.

APES garden out by the bus lanes Photo by
APES garden out by the bus lanes.
Photo by: Megan Howell

Before the cancellation students were enthusiastic and looking forward to the trip.

I [was] really excited to get to see what the apes and what the water system and all that stuff has to offer,” Junior Miabel Self said.

The rescheduled field trip will consist of radio telemetry, quail habitat management, and plant, macroinvertebrates, and bird identification. Most students expect to take a memorable experience back with them.

“I’m expecting to take away a new found appreciation for people that [do] that as their job,” Senior Kaleb Blake said. “For example, ranchers’ rigorous life [and] daily tasks they have to complete, and things like that.”

Besides taking students on an unforgettable field trip, the APES class also impacts students by giving them an insight into their future.

“Oh, it has definitely showed me where I want to go,” Self said. “Before I took the APES class I thought I just wanted to be a Marine Biologist. I didn’t really know exactly, but then as soon as i took the APES class I knew exactly what i wanted to do.”

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