Freshman on Varsity Basketball

Basketball season has made it’s way down our courts again with the first game that was played this week.

Girls varsity basketball added freshmen Sydney Blakey and Ta’niya Jackson to the team.

“There was a big possibility that I was going to be on JV,” Blakey said. “I went and talked to the coach and she said they’ll make the right decision, so it sounded like I was going to be on JV, so when she told me I made varsity it was awesome.”

The girls are the only freshman to make the team this year.

Ta’niya Jackson taking a free shot. Photo by Jalynn Eaton.

“At first it was shocking because not a lot of freshman get put on varsity,” Jackson said. “So it was just a good feeling when I found out.”

Both girls have been playing basketball since they were young. Blakey playing since she was in 2nd grade and Jackson since 5th grade.

Sydney Blakey being supported by the team. Photo by Jalynn Eaton.

“I’ve been playing girls older and bigger than me for a couple years now,” Blakey said. “I am a little anxious just because it’s the first game but not really.”

The first varsity game was on Nov. 10, the next game is a tournament this weekend.

“I think our season is going to go great,” Jackson said. “We want to try to make it to playoffs and I really hope we do.”

The last time varsity made it to basketball was in the 2010-2011 season.

“The girls are really skilled and hardworking players,” Coach Meador said. “Both of them have done a lot of outside of practice and the season to get where they’re at.”

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