MacArter: Mr.Ricketts and his Paint Brushes

Pencils, charcoal, acrylic paint, watercolor, gouache, pastels. Mr. Ricketts loves them all.

For 30 years, Mr. Ricketts has been teaching art at MacArthur High School. He’s had his art sold and shown all over the country, and he shares his passion with not only his audience, but the students he teaches.

“It’s never boring [teaching art],” art teacher Mr.Ricketts said. “There’s always something new and exciting.”

Caricature of Mr. Ricketts drawn by a student. Photo by: Julia Rash
Caricature of Mr. Ricketts drawn by a student. Photo by: Julia Rash

Both Mr. Ricketts and his older brother are alumni of MacArthur High School, which allows Mr. Ricketts to have not only an extensive knowledge of school history, but for him to feel a strong bond to the school.

“I’ve always been well aware of the school and the traditions,” Mr. Ricketts said.

Mr. Ricketts built the history wall in front of the school, was used to make breakaway banners for games, designed spirit decals for the school, and had created the signs for the old athletic buildings.

“I designed stuff 20 years ago that the kids still wear,” Mr. Ricketts said. 

Over the years Mr. Ricketts has taught thousands of students, and has left a strong impact on many lives.

“He taught me skills in art but he also taught me that it’s okay to [go to a] college for what I want, rather than what others do,” MacArthur alumni Gracie Taylor said. “He inspired me to strive.”

Mr. Ricketts has planned to retire at the end of this year.

“There’s so many teachers that at the end they no longer enjoy what they do,” Mr.Ricketts said. “[But for me,] there’s no other place I’ve wanted to work.”

The end of this school year will leave Mr. Ricketts with 31 years of memories teaching at Mac.

“I’m leaving because it’s time to move on,” Mr. Ricketts said. “It’s been a good trip, no regrets.”

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  1. I was a student of Mr. Ricketts around 1992…still love art to this day because of him. Thanks Sir. I remember the first day in class Mr. Ricketts says “Don’t leave backpacks in out, I weight about 200-250…if I fall, someone’s gonna get hurt. And it ain’t gonna be me. ಠ_ಠ” 😂😂😂

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