Local Coffee shop: Is this true love?

Rick Astley pretty much trademarked the phrase “What is love?” after he released his song What is Love in 1993.

But what exactly is love?

“To me, love is something sacred. Something important. Something worth cherishing.” sophomore Irene Hankins said, “You can’t really live your life without feeling it in some way. It’s pretty important.”

Love can be found in almost every situation. Whether it be when you’re walking down the street, or looking at the sky, love is found in crazy places.

“It’s all about trust.”, sophomore Rebecca Sweet said “Finding that one thing in your life that makes you a better you is priceless. It doesn’t even have to be a person. It could be a sport, a painting, a hobby… anything.”

To me, love is an Americano Latte with Mexican chocolate and caramel from Local Coffee shop. (Stay with me here, this coffee is great.)

Local Coffee Shop. http://www.localcoffeesa.com)
Local Coffee Shop. (http://www.localcoffeesa.com)

For someone who isn’t into the whole coffee scene, finding a beverage that actually tastes good to a picky palette is a challenge. Especially if you don’t want some over priced sugar milk. (Sorry, Starbucks.)

As you walk into the fairly large establishment, you’re greeted by the warm glow of edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling and the smell of fresh coffee beans being ground. They have a plethora of freshly baked pastries- including macaroons, muffins, croissants, and home made PoptartsThe staff has an amazing attitude about where they’re working; often times you can find the son of the establishment busting tables or helping at the front desk.

Local has a wide variety of coffee choices. If you’re concerned with organic products, they serve organic milk along with coconut and other milk substitutes. Biking seems to be a huge deal in the hipster-esque community. Luckily, there’s a bike shop right next door that actually opens the wall in between the two stores so people may filter in between both of them.

If you’re looking to appreciate fine room decor and art, Local is the perfect place to go. Exposed brick and hand drawn murals on the ceiling gives the shop a grungy yet very modern feel to it. Even the cream colored cups are aesthetically pleasing. The price of the coffee matches the quality of the ingredients. It’s about the same as Starbucks, but with much healthier ingredients and an unbeatable staff. There is a bulletin by the front door that has community events and occult concerts only 20 year old film students know about.

Local Coffee is a great place to hang out, get work done, or just contemplate why that guy said that one thing that one time.

With three locations in the San Antonio area, very soft merchandise (shout out to my favorite sweater), and comfortable cups with resting thumb spaces, Local Coffee is the ultimate coffee shop experience and is definitely true love worthy.

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