The Consequences of Hazing When Pledging

Some universities and colleges have had a history with hazing and other “occurrences of concern”, which parents and students were not fully informed of before tragedies occurred. Two dozen students have died because of hazing at universities and colleges in the past seven years. Hazing has been a concern for many schools even though there has been different options to try and prevent it. Although it can seem hard to prevent, everyone should still try to stop hazing.

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Participating in hazing will lead to consequences for you. Suspension or elimination of organization, lawsuit, and little job options are all inevitable results. In 2013 twelve members of Florida A&M University’s marching band were charged with manslaughter for a hazing death of drum major Robert Champion. Later on only three were held accountable and were sentenced to ten years of supervised probatition. Although the defendants had supervised probation, they could have been put in prison for twenty years.

Hazing can also lead to serious outcomes not only for you but the target. Freshman Nolan Burch was forced to consume alcohol in the process of getting into Sigma Chi Fraternity at West Virginia University. He passed away that day because his blood alcohol content was .493, six times more than the legal limit to drive. West Virginia Unviersity had a lawsuit filed against them by the parents of Burch. Also six people in Sigma Chi Fraternity were charged with misdeamoner hazing.

Lastly, commiting this crime does not give trust or motivation to others, it only harms people mentally. Individuals could experience depression, shame, suicidal thoughts, shame, or dependency on peers. Eighteen year old Marquise Braham commited suicide on March 14, 2014. Braham had experienced hazing, when pledging to Phi Sigma Kappa at Penn State; which was found linked to his decision. The Fraternity had been suspended for six years and the school was sued by Brahams family.

For the people who believe that hazing is not an issue, you can now see major concern and consequences on the subject. You can be affected by it too.

There are several options to prevent and stop hazing. One way to prevent it is to inform the students what are some consequences in participating in hazing. The leader and past members should encourage newcomers to report and signs of hazing. Also plan safe and positive “bonding” activities such as the movies, camping trips, and dinner. Whether a parent, student, or teacher, you should try and stop hazing. When you see it, hear it, or know it, tell someone.

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