Brune’s Breakdown: Week 4

With the final tournaments wrapped up and merely two or three games remaining in non district play, the seven schools begin to turn their focus to the start of the district season. Last year Madison entered district play at 10-8 while Churchill was 15-5, Madison proceeded to go 8-4 in the district, good enough to earn second in NEISD and make the second round of playoffs. While Churchill, on the other hand, missed the playoffs. I expect every team to be competitive as six of the seven teams have a positive points per game differential.

Churchill= +ll.9 ppg difference through 17 games

Johnson= +3.2 ppg difference through 18 games

MacArthur= +4.3 ppg difference through 17 games

Reagan= +8 ppg difference through 14 games

Roosevelt= +4.3 ppg difference through 16 games

Madison= +4.8 ppg difference through 16 games

Lee= -6.5 ppg difference through 15 games


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