Movie Review: The Forest

The new horror movie, The Forest, was released on Friday, Jan. 8. Although it was not a Star Wars hit, it still had many viewers. The movie is placed in the Aokigahara (Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees) at the base of Mount Fugi (real place). In Japan, the locals believe vengeful spirits and demons lurk around the forest, forcing hundreds of people to take their lives. Sara (Natalie Dormer) goes to this feared location to find her missing twin sister. Despite the warnings of  ”don’t leave the trail” and ”do not enter” from the locals and authorities, Sara still enters the suicide forest. On her search, Sara encounters the evil and horror everyone warned her about.


The Forest was a creative way to show how some people perceive the Sea of Trees. The effects and stories were spot on. In addition, you could relate to the story.  You could understand the pain and the position the main character, Sara, took. Not only was Natalie Dormer’s character believable, but many of the other actors too. Although the story line pulled at your heartstrings and was believable, it also sent you on an emotional roller coaster. At one moment you would feel sympathy, to dread, and then suspense; yet the suspense would only last a brief moment before it would end. The most constant emotion I felt though was  confusion. They would switch between making a character from being good to evil which caused people to become confused with the characters. Furthermore there were only three frightening scenes throughout the whole show; the rest was just drama and confusion. Also, the way the directors ended the movie made it seem as if their story will be concluded in a sequel. Despite the negative elements, The Forest had an interesting story line to it.

I give it a 2.5 out 5 stars for horror but 4 out 5 stars for drama .


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