Local bubble tea places in San Antonio

If you’ve never heard of bubble tea, it’s a drink traditionally made of black tea and tapioca pearls. The drink originated from Thailand, but over the years there has been many variations of the drink made. Some variations are jellies (which are small jell-o squares), different add in’s instead of milk, smoothie variations. Really, the options are endless.

Here’s a list of great restaurants that serve delicious bubble tea in many parts of the city:

King’s Bowl Chinese Restaurant (5727 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240)

I recommend the green apple bubble tea. This one is my favorite out of all the establishments because it is very smoothie-like and comes in a very cute packaging.

The list of bubble tea King's Bowl offers. (Photo from their website.)
The list of bubble tea King’s Bowl offers. (Photo from their website.)

Viva Phö (2114 NW Military Hwy, Castle Hills, TX 78213)

I like the mango pineapple bubble tea from here.

Green apple bubble tea. (Picture provided on their site.)
Green apple bubble tea. (Picture provided on their site.)

Manola’s Thai and Vietnamese (7212 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216)

I think you should try out the green tea and green apple bubble tea. Try it cold, even if they insist not to.

If you haven’t read my previous story about Manola’s, here’s the link.

Tealicious Cafe (9234 N. 1604 West, Suite#103, San Antonio, Tx 78249)

Some teas available for purchasing at Tealicious Cafe. (Photo from their website.)
Some teas available for purchasing at Tealicious Cafe. (Photo from their website.)

I recommend the hazelnut cream tea with coffee jelly. Hazelnut is generally  great favor, so a bubble tea with it tastes great.

Tong‘s Thai (1146 Austin Highway, San Antonio, TX 78209)

Menu from Tong's Thai. (Available on their website.)
Menu from Tong’s Thai. (Available on their website.)

Thai coffee bubble sounds a bit peculiar, but trust me, it tastes amazing.

Full House Chinese (2860 Thousand Oaks, San Antonio TX 78232)

Milk tea from Full House seems to be a popular option to customers aside from myself.

Chopsticks (4903 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78229)

Chopstick’s pineapple bubble tea is my favorite. The drink sizes are also pretty big, so you won’t have any trouble getting through most of the day with the drink in hand.

Bubble tea is generally a great drink to have on hand, especially in the upcoming Texas weather. Check out these great restaurants and their delicious tea for a great times with friends and family.

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