Forever Alone Day: A Single’s Valentine

For those who have no Valentine, here’s a list of things to do instead of spending tons of money on a significant other. Dedicate this day to yourelf, sit back and enjoy the time of being alone and not worry about last minute gift.

1. Watch excessive amounts of episodes of your favorite TV show on Netflix.

Re-watch all the episodes of Dexter, recap all of the drama.

Photo From: Netflix Updates
A thought from Dexter(S3:7) Photo from: Netflix Update

2. Go see Deadpool

Treat yourself to the movie that’s the best seller in the box office.

Photo From: A special message from Deadpool
Photo From: var
A message from Deadpool Photo from:

3. Take yourself out for a delicious meal

There’s no shame in going to a resturant alone, it is a lot cheaper not having to feed another mouth. The good thing is that it’s unneccessary to worry about last minute dinner reservations, just go get some Taco Bell and Pepsi.

Photo from the SodaHead website Enjoy the value pack of scrumptious tacos.
Enjoy a scrupmtious value meal. Photo from: Soda Head

4. Hang out with all your best pals

Spend the day with your greatest friends who you’ve known since the 3rd grade.

5. Go shopping.

Go ahead and spoil yourself with a few new items to add to your wardrobe, or don’t even leave the house and shop on Amazon.

Screenshot from the Amazon website
Bring out those credit cards for a shopping spree! Screenshot from the Amazon website

6. Spend they day with your grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa love you so much, what’s better than spending time looking through old albums and hearing family stories.

7. Look at super cool ultra rare dank memes

Go searching and hunt for a hilarious meme to post on Instagram.

Photo by: Janelle Garcia Pedro Jusino setting Pepe as the screensaver
Pedro Jusino setting Pepe the frog as his screensaver Photo by: Janelle Garcia

In the end, it’s okay to be alone on Valentine’s Day, there are numerous things to do instead of being with another person. Don’t feel bad for not being in a serious relatinship, be proud for not dealing with the complications of dating.

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