Brune’s Breakdown: All-District team predictions

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Name(grade), school, height, position- Points per game

First Team

Clevon Brown(12) Churchill 6’8 C- 18.4 ppg (17.8 ppg in district)

Arguably the best player in the city, Clevon led the Chargers to an 11-1 district record with his terrific rim protection, smooth post moves, and sweet jump shot. He is the only player on any of these teams that can not be argued against.

River Reed(11) Reagan 6’8 C- 15.7 ppg (14.2 ppg in district) 9.8 rpg

Offense is his game, he can hit the 10-15 foot jumper and post up most opponents. He is a solid rebounder and a decent defender and will be back next year.

Bryce Hughes(12) Johnson 6’4 F- 14.7 ppg (15.6 ppg in district)

A very skilled playmaker and scorer from the post, he is the heart of the Jags. Bryce stepped up this year and willed Johnson to the 2nd seed.

DJ Johnson(12) Madison 6′ G- 16.8 ppg (16.5 ppg in district)

A fierce competitor, DJ is an athletic guard who can finish at the rim and is an exceptional passer. He gets hot in a hurry and can make games very interesting with his competitiveness.

Kyle Murphy(12) MacArthur 5’9 G- 16.5 ppg (14 ppg in district) 4.1 apg

Not only is he the best shooter and ball handler in the district, but he creates more than any player in the district does. He creates with his dribble penetration and also the spacing that he provides, both of which create opportunities for others to score.

Mark Sullivan(12) Lee 6’1 G- 20.7 ppg (19.4 ppg in district)

The best player on a 1-11 team slightly takes away from an amazing year for Sullivan. However, he forced them into most games with his ability to draw fouls, shoot the ball, and rebound on a smaller team.

Kevin Luckey(12) MacArthur 6’3 F- 14.5 ppg (17.1 ppg in district) 7.1 rpg

The most well rounded player in the district (behind Clevon), he can truly do it all. Kevin scores in the paint, rebounds, shoots, and defends all at a high level.

Khalil Mcpherson(12) Johnson 5’10 G- 14.4 ppg (16.7 ppg in district)

A good shooter and a adequate finisher around the rim, Khalil was at times the go to scorer for the 2nd best team in the district.


Second Team

Burone Edwards(11) Roosevelt 6’4 F- 16.3 ppg (12.6 ppg in district)

He is an extremely versatile player who is on a team that has a very distributed offensive attack. Next year he will lead Roosevelt to a top two seed.

Jeff Fesperman(11) Churchill 6’3 F- 11 ppg (10.6 ppg in district)

A scary athlete and a terrific player on the best team in the district, Jeff was extremely efficient because he did not have to force a shot with all of their talent.

Myles Potter(12) Reagan 5’11 G- 10.4 ppg (9.25 ppg in district)

The guard that held the Reagan team together. He is a very skilled scorer who also is a very active defender in their zone.

Naasier Fludd(12) Churchill 6’5 F- 8.3 ppg (8.25 ppg in district)

An uber athletic wing that can shoot and rebound, he is critical to the district champs and their playoff hopes because of his ability to do so many things.

Josh Rodgers(12) MacArthur 6’1 G- 9.5 ppg (9.2 ppg in district) 1.8 spg

An elite perimeter defender, Josh can also score, and make the right pass, when needed for the Brahmas.

Donovin Sinegal(12) Madison 6’1 G- 9.3 ppg

Donovin is another stellar defender who can score in spurts and use his athleticism to help the Mavs win games.

James Johnson(11) Roosevelt 6’8 C- 9.7 ppg (10.8 ppg in district)

A huge reason that Roosevelt made the playoffs, he is a good rim protector and has moments on the offensive end where he bullies defenders in the paint.

Preston Bigley(12) Churchill 6’2 F- 8.9 ppg (10.1 ppg in district)

Another impressive Churchill player, Preston is a very smart player who can score both inside and out, and has the awareness that helps Churchill on both sides.


Honorable Mention

Aundre Jenkins(11) Roosevelt 6’2 G- 11 ppg

Cooper Walton(11) Johnson 6’2 G- 7.7 ppg

Xavier Hill(11) Roosevelt 5’6 G- 9.5 ppg

Charles Henderson(10) MacArthur 6’3 F- 7.7 ppg

Markell Lewis(12) Reagan 6’4 F- 8.9 ppg

Lamont Simmons(11) Reagan 6’6 F- 8.4 ppg

Alex Engel(12) Churchill 5’9 G- 4.4 ppg

Jonathan Johnson(11) Madison 5’8 G- 8.2 ppg


Underclassmen Team

Zach Keller(9) Johnson 6′ G- 6.1 ppg

Marshawn Sparks(10) MacArthur 6′ G- 5.2 ppg

Nate Levine(10) MacArthur 6′ G- 5.6 ppg

Mike Nickles(10) Lee 6’2 F- 6.2 ppg

Charles Henderson(10) MacArthur 6’3 F- 7.7 ppg

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