World’s Largest Periodic Table

Each square one the actual periodic table will be 15X12 feet in length. Photo by
Each square one the actual periodic table will be 15X12 feet in length.
Photo by

To break the world record for the world’s largest periodic table, the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio has asked schools of all levels in San Antonio to help build this monument to science. Each school was given a specific element, MacArthur receiving element 89, Actinium, and were provided with the materials to make their element’s square.

“Each school was given a tarp that was 15 by 12 feet and we were given black paint to make the essential parts of the element square,” dean of the MacArthur science department Dr. Cara Frontz said. “[We were given different information about the element] like the name and the abbreviation, and the atomic number and the atomic mass, [and along with that] you were allowed to decorate the borders [with the school colors] and decorate it however you wanted to.”

The full periodic table will be assembled today, Wednesday March 2 at the Gustafson Stadium in North Side ISD on the football field at 6 pm. Once assembled, the periodic table should be around 216 feet across and 135 feet tall. Afterwards, each element will be revealed and the school who made the square will be called out. The World Record Academy will then judge the table in total and determine if it is large enough to break the world record.

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