In the Mind of Elephants and Donkeys

A young man sits in front of a tablet, scanning each name intently. Not only does a name come into view but a specific group they advocate. The group name though is something he does not discern. Voting is so important that only a select few can see your answer.

Democrat vs. Republican Photo By:
Democrat vs. Republican
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With the debates occurring and the election day closing in,  individuals have started making decisions for who they support. In particular, Bexar county had early voting open from Tuesday, Feb. 16 to Friday, Feb. 26.

Although people discuss politics, a fraction of the nation still know little of the differences and similarities between democrats and republicans.

One main difference being Democrats promote more government involvement in society while Republicans promote minimal involvement. Furthermore, Democrats are based on the community, while republicans our based on the constitution and individual rights.

The Republicans and Democrats share the same motives but have different solutions.

With ISIS and other issues with safety popping up, the military has been a major factor in the nations life. Both parties see this and support veterans, wanting to help them throughout their lives. They each understand that veterans and their families deserve proper, accessible, and efficient healthcare (mentally and physically). Furthermore, the parties want to help these soldiers have an easier transition from a military lifestyle to civilian life. Each side also wants to improve the The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to where veterans do not have to be waiting for help and make housing for the ones where they have no one to turn to.

Affordable high quality health care still remains as a goal for each party. Not only does good health catch the eye of the donkeys and elephants but they want each person to have proper access to it. One issue though is Democrats promote Obamacare while Republicans oppose it.

Throughout debates and news stations, immigration has been a well talked about topic. Immigration is a supported issue by both major parties. Also they encourage fixing the immigration system and securing the borders. However, Republicans do not agree with the Immigration Reform Bill.

Fixing the amount of littering and wasting fossil fuels for a safer and healthier environment has been a huge goal for not only countries but for political parties. Solar and wind alternatives have been a major factor. Although these steps have been taken, Republicans also support drilling oil and natural gas in a environmentally responsible way.

For more information on the differences on Republicans and Democrats check out the republicans’ website and the democrats’ website.

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