The truth about ads in media

More and more teens are getting “internet famous” through social networking sites all over the web. Sites such as Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are a part of the constantly growing arsenal of media outlets people use to express themselves. Some people chose to use their media outlets for ads. In the United States, it is not illegal to not disclose if something is an ad or not.

Companies should disclose sponsored advertisements as ads publicly instead of keeping it away from the public eye. 

Harvey Levin and associate on TMZ. (Credit to
Harvey Levin and associate on TMZ.
(Credit to

Firstly, companies should disclose the information because it’s the population’s right to know whether or not something is an ad. It has been shown that more people allow subliminal messaging to effect their decision making when seeing someone using products not publicly shown as ads. An example of such would be a well known or beloved celebrities being shown in candid photos using products companies paid them to sponsor. Networks like TMZ allow instances like that to come up often since they show celebrities in their “natural state” more often than not. All an A-List celebrity needs to do is wear a Dolce and Gabbana watch to a salon to have Harvey Levin feature a whole piece in his show about them.

Miley Cyrus candid. OOTD's can be taken from her attire, and companies can get recognition from the bag and clothes she has on her. (Credit to
Miley Cyrus candid. OOTD’s can be taken from her attire, and companies can get recognition from the bag and clothes she has on her.
(Credit to

Secondly, young people who see these products being used by adults they look up to can impact whether or not they buy it. With that in mind, endorsing products that don’t add up to all the attention they are getting can be unethical. Many people would endorse something just for the pay off, using their large fan base to show off the new product in a fashion some would think cool. 

Furthermore, deceiving people for the profit pay off is generally unethical. As more and more people come to see the light about what the companies are doing, people become much more wary of what they’re buying- rightly so. Business men and women who also get into the marketing world will take action to tricks and loopholes used without a second thought. Whatever works is used; no matter the ethical dilemma.

Some may say that making ads discrete and unapparent in media isn’t a big deal. Though it may not be a big deal to some people’s situations, it can easily become something more for a person who bought a product without fully looking into it just because a somewhat trust worthy celebrity endorsed it. Now a days, the phrase “buyers beware” can be take to the biggest extents ever.

Companies should disclose the information, along with the people they sponsor to talk about it. Being upfront about products can cause people to find an organization more trustworthy and capable- which in time can be shared through the media outlets and increase their revenue, just through being a network with no secrets to hide.

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