Pharmacy Phun: HOSA goes to UIW

HOSA and Clinical Rotations students toured UIW’s (University of the Incarnate Word) Feik School of Pharmacy in hopes of gaining information about the benefits of the school. In the tour, former and current students showed participants around the building and answered questions.

Photo by Catherine Hittson.
Students listen to the former students instruct them about the lab. Photo by Catherine Hittson.

“I thought the tour was really cool,” sophomore Danielle Delgado said. “I especially liked the old school pharmacy equipment they had lying around.”

Pharmacy students set up games of Name that Indication, where you have to hold up a board with the symptom you thought the medicine listed on the projectior treated. Students could race against the clock in hopes of gaining a prize.

Photo by Catherine Hittson.
Students play games at UIW to see which drug fits with the indication. Photo by Catherine Hittson.

“I enjoyed the fact that the UIW people were helping and fun,” junior Jacob Grey said. “If they played more games I would have been a bit more intrigued, but I still really enjoyed the whole tour.”

Students were able to hand make capsules by crushing candies, mixing them with corn starch and flour, and seeing which concoction made the best substance for the capsules to take in.

“The capsules that were filled easiest were the ones we filled with flour,” junior Mark Flowers said. “Though we didn’t get to take them home, it was still a lot of fun to make the pills and fill them the old-school way.”

Photo by Catherine Hittson.
Students fill capsules with flour and corn starch. Photo by Catherine Hittson.

After the tour, the tour guides discussed the cost of UIW and benefits to pharmacy school. Students were given out gifts from the school that included nick-nacks and informational packets about the admission process and emails to contact the school.

If you are at all interested in UIW’s pharmacy school, check out the link:

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