The Last Frankly Speaking: My Senior Goodbye

The senior staff of the Brahma News Online Newspaper. Photo by Abbagail Ramirez
The senior staff of the Brahma News Online Newspaper.
Photo by Abbagail Ramirez

Nothing is as bittersweet as writing the last story of my high school career, my senior goodbye.

My time in high school has been a roller coaster, with lots of ups, downs, and loopty loops. I moved here right before freshman year, which meant I had no friends whatsoever. I had been denied tennis class and was put into a Journalism I class, which I really didn’t want to be in. I was this big, nerdy freshman with no friends or ideas of how to socialize with other humans. But in spite of my awkwardness, I asked that Journalism teacher the one, simple question that would set my entire school career up, “How do I make a video game podcast?”. With that, I was asked to be, and accepted into the online newspaper class. From there, I really started high school, with all of the good and bad that came with it.

In these four years, Mac has become like a fourth home for me. I’ve experienced so much while being here it’s actually amazing. Being on the school newspaper, making the video announcements, becoming friends with so many different kinds of people, learning from so many amazing teachers, all of the stress involved with school assignments. Everything that I have done at Mac has helped to turn me into the person I am now.

Leaving the comfort of high school for college and the real world is a terrifying thought. As a freshman, all the way up until about half way through senior year, I never really thought about anything after high school, mostly because it felt like school would never come to an end. But now that time has arrived.

I never thought that I was going to be going to high school in San Antonio. I didn’t expect to be on the school newspaper, or to have a second family because of it. I didn’t think I would meet so many people that I would be friends with. And I used to think about the what-ifs, thinking that maybe if I hadn’t done one of these things, my life would be better. But, in all honesty, I wouldn’t do anything differently. And to all of the underclassmen waiting to get out of high school, I will say this. Treasure the time you have here, with all of your friends, all of the teachers, everything.

As sad as I am to be writing my final story, I am excited to go into the world and even more excited to see how this school and student body will continue to grow and become even greater than it already is. So, I say goodbye and thank you to all of my teachers, especially Mrs. Cardoza, who has taught me everything and prepared me for the years to come. And with that, I say my final, senior goodbye.

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About Frank Garcia

Hello I'm Frank Garcia and I am the creator of the Frankly Speaking videos and stories. I am an assistant editor on staff and plan to be the multimedia editor in my senior year in place of Kayla Gunn. My goal is to keep all the students at Mac up to date on some of the things going on in the gaming/ entertainment world.

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