Times Ticking in the New Bell Schedule

The school has changed it’s bell schedule, giving students an extra 15 minutes to get to school in the morning. For some students 15 minutes does not sound like much, but it can be beneficial in ways such as attendance, school preparation, and academic success.      

Attendance affects a student’s academic success and causes teachers to inadvertently hinder their student’s skills and progress when they are not present.  

As for academic success, students did not get the advantage to meet with their teachers for tutoring or go to library for a group study session for a full hour in the mornings. This serves as a beneficial reason due to the time difference from last years schedule.

Now that the school day starts 15 minutes later students can be prepared for school and will not rush to get ready in the morning and will feel more prepared to take on the day. Even if a student isn’t in a rush to get out of the house, there will be less people at the taco shop waiting for their order allowing students more time to eat and be on time for first period. Senior Kaylie Schmidt says she has noticed more people actually on time to her first period than in the last 3 years.

Clock on third floor C-wing by Genesis Argueta
Clock on third floor C-wing by Genesis Argueta

Some students disagree with the time change due to after school hours. Kids who usually take the bus home will not get to their destination until 5 p.m. or even later which is a later time than last school schedule. Getting home at 5 or later is a hassle for bus kids to starting on homework and getting to eat at a much later time than usual. Students also have a longer walking distance to get to their house since the school made a new rule; for the bus drivers to stop at one stopping point, to make the process go by faster.

But however, students still benefit from this new implement that the school has for 2016-2017 in attendance, academic success and school preparation.

To solve the bell schedule issue, students could improve their time management skills such as doing homework on the bus and meeting teachers before school.

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