Fall Choir Concert

The Concert Chorale on stage. photo by Janelle Garcia


On Sept. 29, the Choral Department presented their first showcase of the year. All of the groups delivered their share of music to the audience where it echoed throughout the auditorium.

“It’s important to keep in mind of how we performed [and] apply fix[es] to the skills used in the performance,” junior Victoria Alvarez said. 

Concerts are prepared beforehand, the set up of the stands, piano, and microphones. All of this comes naturally for returning singers.

“I knew exactly what was going to happen schedule wise,” junior Maximilian Hickerson said. “I’ve done it so much I know the routine by heart.”

Freshman jitters come into play when singers don’t know what to expect.

“I thought people weren’t going to like the songs we performed,” freshman Corina Fox said. “But they all loved it.”

 Even though showcases are a lot of work it’s entirely worth it once the curtains open. 

“I would describe concert night in simple words unpredictable, hectic, and musical,” freshman Alexis De La Garza said. “But all worth it, the sound was amazing, I love the rush.”

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