Band Strives for the Top

The marching band placed 1st in their division and 8th overall at finals on Saturday, Oct. 15.

“It’s the first time that MacArthur has been included in the “finals” event,” band director Mr. Evan Berry said. “I certainly think it validates a lot of the stuff that we’ve been doing this season.”

The band at after school rehearsal. Photo By: Trinity Arias
The band at after school rehearsal. Photo By: Trinity Arias

Everyone felt a sense of accomplishment and excitement the day of competition. The show was the best performance yet.

“I am super super proud of this band,” drum major Bethany Lockett said. “I’ve seen a lot of people work really hard and I think that people’s dedication showed this weekend.”

Although the band presented the audience with a great show there is still room for improvements and practice.

“Even after the best show of the year,” drum major Michaela Pugh said. “There is always something we can fix and do better for next time.”

According to band members, the most important thing to remember is that when everyone puts in the effort and has initiative then everything will be a lot more proficient.

“I think the lesson is that and when everyone puts all the work together good things are gonna happen,” Mr. Berry said. “Whether that means you make first place or making it off of the field, you’re just feeling very accomplished.”

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