Twelfth Night Or What Will You? Review

Poster for "Twelvth Night Or What Will You?" play by Genesis Argueta
Poster for “Twelvth Night Or What Will You?” play by Genesis Argueta

On Oct. 20-22, the drama department performed a play by Shakespeare called, “Twelfth Night Or What Will You?” directed by Ms. Margret Tonra. Show times were 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and at 2 p.m. on Sunday evening in the Brady Memorial Auditorium.

The cast of the play did a phenomenal job for a diverse role to take on with such advance language that was first intimating and difficult to understand especially for young artists who haven’t worked with Shakespeare before. The actresses and actors were well in sync with one another from beginning to end. Lead role, Olivia Landreth did a marvelous job in playing two characters at once, Viola; Twin to Sebastian of Messaline also Disguised as “Cesario” -Servant to Count Orsinio. Karl Roach-Compton, who played the role of Malvolio; Olivia’s Steward, Alex Patterson who played the role of Feste; Olivia’s Fool and Sir Andrew Augecheek; Sir Toby’s Friend and Suitor to Olivia played by Chase Kilstrom dominated the stage with a strong and driven performances. Props, costumes and background scenery were creative, mystical and well-suited to the setting of the actual time period.

However, transitions did not flow within the acts of the storyline and cast members such as a few faults in dialogue between one another and a lot of movement on the stage. It was more conversational than accessible.

Overall the “Twelfth Night Or What Will You?” by William Shakespeare was a historical and romantic play although the script was written long ago it is still relevant as of today and just as fun and captivating.

This play deserves ninth out of twelfth nights.

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