French Visits Texas Culture Institutes

Juan Alvarez by Alexa Hausauer

Bonjour, on Wednesday, Oct. 26 French Honor students, will be heading downtown to study more of French culture at the Texas Institute of Cultures. In addition they’re pen pals with a group of students from Burgundy, France; they will be exchanging photos of their trip with them.

“We’re going downtown to take photographs of our city in exchange for projects they will be sending us,” French teacher Madame Plantenga said.

Being pen pals with a class of French students from Burgundy opens greater insight to how the language is used and spoken.

“This is the first year we are doing this and I hope it’s a great experience,” French student Juan Alvarez said. ” I’m sure we’ll have a good time. It’s not very often a Texan can experience the French culture. I’m looking forward towards gaining a better feeling of how it’s like in France.”

The experience of French culture is very diverse from American, therefore learning a bit about it can be interesting.

“I like the way people speak French, it flows so nicely; I’ve gotten so much better at speaking it,” Alvarez said. “After we finish touring the Texas Institute of Cultures, we are having lunch at La Frite, they serve nothing but French food.”

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