Yearbook Trip to Dallas

The yearbook staff went on a trip to Dallas to get some work done and finish a few things up on Oct 24.

“The yearbook is kind of the blanket of the school,” sophomore Cesar De Leon said. “We see what’s going on around, we know our clubs and organizations, it feels like we know MacArthur.”

To Cesar what made it the most enjoyable was the staff. He has a hobby of photography and said that is what made him really like going on the trip, and being able to put his hobby to good use.

“We learned a lot about the style of the yearbook,” De Leon said, “to be consistent throughout, we’re close to the right now.”

The staff didn’t really get to go around the city; since they were there in the Balfour studio to work on unfinished assignments. He says they learned creative ways to take shots, and the main part of the trip was marketing.

Cesar De Leon, Tatum Owens, Jessica Flores ,and Alex David by Mrs. Cardoza

“We worked on the pages, worked on the designs.” De Leon said, “We didn’t add anything much but, we had recommendations from the people in charge of those pages to take action.”

Cesar recommends maybe taking one trip a semester like that, but not so often that they become irrelevant. But he feels that this trip really helped a lot with getting things completed.

“Everything went smooth on the transportation between here to Dallas,” De Leon said, “The flights there [were] no problem and no delay, so it all went smoothly.”

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