Top Scary Places to Visit on Halloween Night

Many people have been told spooky urban stories, little did they know that many lie within the streets of Southside San Antonio. Here’s some of the most popular places to visit on Halloween night.

1.The Haunted Railroad Tracks 

Legand has it that in the early 1940’s there was a school bus of children; while going up and across the tracks the bus stalled and was hit by a train. Now, if you go near the tracks with your vehicle in neutral and baby powder on the back then you’ll see the handprints of the children’s spirits who tried to push you over the tracks in attempts of saving you from the tragedy they went through.

2. The San Juan Missions 

Not only do the ghost children sometimes haunt it’s visitors and lurk the area. But it’s also a place where Native Americans lived and died. Once a lady shared that she felt something breathe on her but once she turned around, no one was near.

San Juan Missions Photo From:
San Juan Missions Photo by

3. The Donkey Lady Bridge 

The story behind this is dated way back in the 1800’s when a farmer began to throw stones at a well respected townmen son for beating her donkey. He had gotten very upset and promised revenge on her and her family. Later that night the wealthy upset man went to her home with an angry mob of people that refused to let her and her family out of their home before lighting it into flames. It’s said that her face began to droop and hands turned to stubs before she ran from the people jumping from the bridge into the river. Now, if you visit the bridge then you’ll hear the screams of her or she’ll jump on the roof of your car trying to brake through.

4. The Chinese Cemetery 

The Chinese Cemetery is a place where witches supposedly lurk around to cast spells of black magic. It’s said that you’re supposed to take flowers if ever visiting to pay respects and as a peace offering from the spirits. Watch the grounds for any suspicious objects laying around and be sure not to pick any of them up.

5. The Spinning Head Statue 

In one of the downtown cemeteries, there is a statue if a man sitting down in a chair. When walking near the statue, it is said that the head will  begin to rotate and follow the nearby person just like the eyes of Mona Lisa.

If you decide to visit these or any other scary sights in San Antonio, be sure to stay safe and have a frightful Halloween.

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