9 Ways Not to Fail Your Class

Failed grade of a student. Taken by Hannah Monita.

Some students have fallen victim to the words “class failed”, “did not pass class”, “student is failing a class”, or “student is failing.” All these phrases may be something a student has faced at least once with either a bad class grade, a bad test score, or simply daily class work.

Here are 9  ways to avoid failing a class:

1.) Turn in your daily work. The percentage of daily grades aren’t usually that much but, it really helps to keep your grade at least to a passing level.

2.) You just failed a test or a quiz; do not freak out. It’s not the end of the world; remember this is just one grade. Sure it’s important, but it’s still just one grade. You just have to let it go.

3.) Considering you just failed the assignment or test, you should do corrections if you can. If not then study for the next test or quiz. You may think that you don’t need to study but, it always helps to go over the material.

4.) Go to tutoring. It can help you understand the material better; you can even make corrections while they teach you about it. Sometimes, depending on the teacher, you might get extra credit.

5.) Don’t get distracted. Instead of hanging out with friends, watching  TV or on your phone, work on stuff. You can try to multi-task; watch TV, be on your phone and still do your homework. If you  can’t multitask, stop watching TV and messing around on your phone and do your homework. Don’t work harder just smarter, and stop procrastinating.

6.) Listen to teachers. I know that sometimes it’s hard to listen; it’s the morning, or it’s been a long day, and you’re tired, but listening to the teacher helps. They help explain the material, and they know what kind of material you need to know to pass their class. They also know what’s going to be on any test that you will take in their class.

7.) Take notes. When you take notes, you’re able to put it in a way that you understand. You can take them home and use them to help you understand the homework. It also helps you understand the material better and you might be able to use them on a quiz or test.

Improved grade and the teacher put a smiley face. Photo taken by Hannah Monita.

8.) Do the homework. It helps you to get to understand the material better, also it helps you with your grade. Doing the homework can also be used with notes to understand something if you need a example.

9.) Ask questions. Don’t be embarrassed to raise your hand, or to get up and talk to the teacher if you need help with something. It’s why teachers are there, to help you understand things.   

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