The annual Mactoberfest and Brahma March occurred on Nov.2, many students went to hang with friends, enjoy the games and see the booths.

Sophomore Ravenne Garcia just moved here from another school and, experienced her first ever Mactoberfest.

“Everything was pretty fun, the sumo [booth] looked really fun,” Garcia said.

Coach Mitcham being taped to the wall. By Nastasha Vallejo

The booth hosted by orchestra was called Jello Wars. The players had to slurp jello as fast as they could without using their hands, the player that won got a prize and their name on the board of round winners.

“I didn’t get to see too many, I really liked the bungee run,” Orchestra teacher Michael Graber said. “I think the orchestra one [was] the best.”

There were many games and snacks to choose from. The Spanish club was selling Mangonadas, and the French club sold chocolate covered strawberries. There was also a booth where coach Mitcham was being taped to the wall.

“It was very fun. It’s fun to see all the students having fun,” Graber said.

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