Season Wrap Up: Varsity Football

Varsity football on the field at their last game against Lee high school taking the win with 70 to 35.

On Nov. 3, the varsity football team finished up beating Lee high school 70 to 35. Holding their dignity high, it was the second of the two games won this season.

Brahma mascot showing school spirit and support to varsity as they play throughout the game, hyping the crowd up giving motivation to our players. “I believe, I believe that, I believe that we will win” Blue crew shouts repeatedly.

This season was definitely like no other, the team was close to winnings but in several occasions let the ball slip.

“Our main goal was to make it into playoffs and conquer Madison,” running back Justin Smith said. “To take the win against Madison was highly important to my team and I. Every year we’ve tried our hardest to beat them and watching the scoreboard rise up throughout the game, definitely gave us some relief and reassurance that as a team we can make it.”

Despite most of the games being lost, the team toughened it out.

“My team and I could have advanced into playoffs but there were a few teams better than us and that’s okay,” wide receiver Cameron Acker said. “We just went through a few mental mistakes. It only made us better in the end.”

Throughout the season there were a few injuries leading to position changes.

“As we got more in depth with football, lots of players started getting hurt and it really affected us against Warren and Brendan high school.” Junior Justin Smith said. The injuries made our positions change and it really through us off but it was for the better. I used to be a linebacker then I got moved to running back.”

As a team whether a game was won or lost, varsity still chose to build from their mistakes.

Football players getting ready to step up their game.

“You know in all honesty the season was rough this year but overall we did great. Anyone may think otherwise, but it will not phase my team in anyway, considering the bond that we carry.” Smith said. “It definitely grew bigger as progress was made.”

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