Carnival of Animals

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“Carnival of the Animals” is an annual event on Nov.7, hosted in the Brady Auditorium performed by the varsity Orchestra to show and play their instruments for 4th-5th grade students from the the near by elementary schools.

Emily Bustos, a senior on varsity Orchestra, summarizes the overall concept of “Carnival of the Animals.”

“An overview of the all the instruments and each song inside of the “Carnival of the Animals”  features a particular instrument that maybe the kids want to play or explore when they get into middle school or even high school,” Bustos said.

As this being Emily’s last year performing this music piece for the elementary kids and finishing it out, she realizes what she accomplished throughout the years.

“Overall being senior year, finishing this out, I think it is really good that the kids get to see once you have gotten that far, you can see what you achieved throughout the years,” Bustos said. “I think this is a good moment for the older students to remember back on what they use to think and also for the younger students to see the graduates and picture themselves that it could be them in a few years.”

Since Emily has been playing the violin since 5th grade and has performed “Carnival of the Animals” since she was a in the ninth.

“Varsity is required to do it but I will always do anything to show the kids what music can be like even though this one is mandatory, if it wasn’t I will still do it because it will show the kids music and what they can potentially become or what they can listen to and what music does to them.” Bustos said.

The surrounding elementary’s music class encourages the kids to draw animals for Orchestra and then Dr. Garber puts them on a slide-show and while they are playing the “Carnival of the Animals,” the kids see their drawings on the screen as the music goes on. 

“In the piece, there’s the first little section called “Lion”, so some kids would draw a lion or they get to choose different animals such as a bird, lion or a dinosaur and then Dr. Garber puts the drawings based on what piece of song we’re playing during “Carnival of the Animals” and at the “Lion” you would see lion pictures.” Bustos said.

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