Preseason: Boys Varsity Basketball

Boy's basket ball team practicing Photo by: Janelle Garcia
Boy’s basketball team practicing Photo by Janelle Garcia

A basketball team requires movement and good communication between players. For the team to run smoothly they must have these qualities and keep good thoughts for every game. Boys varsity basketball has their first game on Nov. 15 against Brennan at the Littleton Gym.

“What makes a good basketball player is learning how to be a team player and learning your role on the team, also playing your role,” junior Milton Washington said.

Washington thinks the season is going to start off great; that they’ll be a successful team and have a good advantages for their awesome team members. Senior Mason Williams, his team member, also agrees that the season will start off well.

“This sport is important to me because I’ve been improving to make each shot and each jump count, I want to keep on going on playing till I cannot play anymore but, I hope to make it big one day and be the very best that he can be,” Williams said.

The regular season starts on Dec. 30 at  Littleton gym when they take on the Reagan Rattlers.

“We will be undefeated and go on to play offs, I am sure of it,” Washington said.

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