2016 World Series: Cubs Win

I have always been a big fan of baseball, it’s one of the reasons why I play softball. Some of my favorite teams are the Giants, The Dodgers, and especially the Cubs. I specifically go for the Cubs because my grandfather had always loved the Cubs. He wasn’t around to see them win the World Series but being able to see the team, that is a connection to someone who I love so deeply win, was a wonderful feeling. After 108 years of not winning a World Series and having a record of 100 losses, the Chicago Cubs broke the streak, and headed to the playoffs where they won their first World Series since 1908 against the Cleveland Indians.

The World Series is best out of seven games, and the team that wins the first game tends to win the series. The superstition didn’t apply this time. At the beginning it was a struggle for the Cubs when the Indians took the first game, but the Cubs came back in the second game making the World Series tied at one game for the Indians and one for the Cubs.

Then came the third and fourth game where the Indians took a two game lead in the World Series, making it three games won for the Indians and one game won for the Cubs. Everyone expected the Indians to take the fifth game, and win the World Series and end it there, except the Cubs weren’t going to give up that easy. The Cubs stayed in the lead by one and took game five.

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Game six came and this was win and keeping playing or lose and go home for the Cubs. The Cubs took the lead and the game ended with 9-3. The Cubs taking game six and forcing a game seven.

For the last game of the season and the most important one, the Cubs had the lead from the beginning, being up 5-1. Then as the game continued the Cubs got up one more point, but the Indians started to catch up making the score 6-3. The Cubs had one runner on second. The crowd growing silent with anxiety, then erupted with excitement as Jose Ramirez hit the ball down the middle to Addison Russell and moved the runners by one base now having one on second and another on first. Then came the heart breaker for the Cubs. Jon Lester had just been taken out and replaced with Aroldis Chapman. He had two strikes on Brandon Guyer and on the third pitch Guyer hits a home run that brings in three runs, and tying the game making it go to the tenth inning. The last inning was where the Cubs and Indians were getting tired. Neither team had given up though, they continued playing.

Before anything else could happen, the umpires call a rain delay for 17 minutes, which allowed the Cubs to come together and have a team moment. Then the Cubs get in the lead. Albert Almora was on second and the pitcher had just walked Anthony Rizzo and gave him first base. Ben Zobrist was up to bat and the pitcher thought he was gonna strike him out, but Zobrist hit a double down third base bringing Almora in and making the game 7-6. The next batter Addison Russell got walked. The bases were loaded. Miguel Montero was up, and right when we needed it, he hits a single straight into left and brings in Rizzo making the score 8-6.

Javier Baez came up and got the sign to bunt, but he got fouled out on the last strike. It was the bottom of the tenth, and the Indians were up to bat. They had a runner on first who stole second, and Guyer hits the ball to bring him in and bring the scoreboard to 8-7, with the Indians only needing one more run. There were two outs. Michael Martinez was up, he hit a grounder to third who got the last out that they needed, allowing the Cubs to take home the win.

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